Hi everyone!

I have recently begun the intense process of a rewrite of my contemporary YA novel - many people have said I focus too much on the telling rather than the showing, so I'm trying to cut straight to the point more now!

If anyone would be willing to read my recent, newly edited chapters - one or two at a time - that would be awesome..

Totally happy to swap as well, I love reading other people's work!!

I am also happy to receive your most honest - not so kind feedback, anything is gratefully received

A sample of the book is below to give you an idea if my writing is for you (:

Katie. June 2013.
Sometimes I wake up gasping for air – unable to breathe or catch myself. It’s as though when she fell out of our world, she took all the oxygen in the atmosphere, and only left the yawns and carbon dioxide; poisoning everything. I look at the clock – 3am. The moon is neon white outside my window, there’s a strange magic about it that always appears this time of night. She’s there – on the other side of it. Every hair on the back of my neck, my arms stands up. I know she’s alive – I can feel her thoughts. I know when she’s hungry, tired, or lost. She feels me there too, I know she does. Each time, she tells me the same thing.
Let go of me.