I have been writing for the past 10 years or so, but nothing serious. I started out in high school and published in my school magazine. I was a guest on 3 radio shows and I appeared 3 times on TV because of my writing accomplishments. I published my first story in December 2015. I published my first poem in may 2017. That's when I realized that I should look for different competitions and try to publish more of my poems and stories, but it's been hard since literature in my country is developed, but we don't have many literary magazines and it is really hard for new writers to get a breakthrough. So I decided to start writing in English language.

I started writing in English in June 2017. So far, I have written 32 poems during these 2 months and 2 of them will be published this August, one of them will be published in 2018. That one poem has been entered into the semifinalist round for "The Luminaire Award for Best Poetry", and the results will be announced in September this year.

My next goal is to have 100 poems written in English language by the end of this year. I also hope that by the end of this year, with some help from more experienced people in publishing, like all of you, I will publish my first poetry collection in English language.

If you know any good publishers who don't have submission fees, please do tell, because after October I'll start looking for a publisher for my first book (poetry collection).