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Thread: cooling tips for hot weather bunnies/cats/others

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    The damp cloth is a good idea, if you're in an area with drier heat (we are where I am). It likely wouldn't do as much for very humid heat.

    There are cooling mats/pads you can buy for animals. They aren't always cheap, and a chewer might be able to destroy them, but they can be helpful. Fans can be useful too. We use battery operated crate fans for dogs at agility trials when it is warm.

    There are also reflective shade cloths you can purchase that reflect sunlight but breathe well. They can be hung from eaves or hung or draped over kennels, cages (for outdoor rabbits) or outdoor pet areas.

    Cats, even when they're outdoors, are pretty good at adjusting their activity level and avoiding overheating during the day, as long as they can get out of the sun and have plenty of water. Some dogs are too, but mine are herding breeds, and they (especially the youngest) would be happy to overheat themselves running around in the sun. Mine chill out indoors when it's hot out (actually, they're indoors almost all the time I'm not with them outside, but that's not practical for everyone). Cats are real warmth lovers, though. I caught one of mine lying on the counter over the dishwasher, where it was very warm, on a day when I found it uncomfortably warm, even inside with the AC on.

    Still, it's important to make sure all animals have access to shade, relatively cool spots, and plenty of water. I've noticed my cats and dogs both drinking a lot more this summer. It has been very hot here.
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