Hello! I've put aside my first MS because I was editing it to death. It's a Middle Grade novel, written in 1st person past tense. My MC is Allie.

Now I'm working on a 2nd MS with Allie, and she is going to a competition with (but not against, they are all competing in different disciplines of Fine Arts) three other pals. In the first novel, we were inside Allie's busy little head, hence the POV.

Now, I need to be everywhere (with all the girls and other performers) so I was wondering if it would be too strange to tell Allie's story in 1st person, and the other girls in 3rd person, omniscient? When they are all together, it would also be 3rd. I've roughed out the 1st chapter (in 3rd), and am starting the 2nd, which will be Allie's experience. So, do you think it will be too jarring to jump POV?

I'm sure this has been done before. I've read many books where each person tells their story from 1st. Have to admit I'm not a fan. I dislike the changing "voice". And there's always an unreliable narrator in the bunch.

I'm going to try it, but just wondering if I'm wasting my time (from a "getting published" standpoint) and should pick one and go with it?