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I'll be blunt. Trump is responsible for this.

He's the one who said he didn't know anything about David Duke. LIE. He's the one who said he'd be better for Blacks than Hillary Clinton and what the hell do you have to lose? A LOT. He's the one who has put racist trash like Steve Bannon in the White House. DISGUSTING.

Trump has modified the message, but it's the Alt-Right's message of hate and division and he's not only carried their flag, he's wrapped himself in it.

This is how Donald Trump makes America Hate Again.
This. ^^^^

He didn't mention the KKK or Nazis in his statement, referring to hate "on many sides" is what I heard. There is no equivocating. The alt-right Nazis were met by those who wish to condemn and stop their hate.

I feel sick now.