Since I started my ice cream channel, I've really become a student of some of the professionals on Youtube who have channels.

I was curious if anybody here had a favorite they followed.

Some of my favorites are:

Food Wishes --

Chef Steps, even though it's turned into a sales pitch for their sous vide device.

Happy Wok -- I'm pretty sure this is a retired cook from a Chinese place.

Almazan Kitchen -- These guys have some of the best visuals on Youtube. Really. Just incredible videos to watch and no narration at all.

Bruno Albouze -- French pastry chef in California. He's a bit hammy and a bit cheesy, but his videos are incredible.

Cooking With Dog -- Japanese cooking. This channel has a cult following.

Maangchi -- Korean. I lived in Korea and this lady's channel is spot-on. Plus, she explains things very well.

Those are some of the channels I check out regularly. If you have any, I'd love to see which ones.

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