Hi all, I'm Reidar, but you can call me yobo if you prefer.

Up until now writing has been a creative outlet for me, and I've mostly been doing collaborative stories or roleplaying. This has been a lot of fun, and I've met a lot of great writers doing this, but now I feel the time is to write more on my own again. The reason I'm here is to meet other people who write, and learn more from interacting on this site. Hopefully I can give some constructive feedback, as well as getting some once I've established myself as a member here. Being Norwegian English isn't my native tongue, and I also want to learn more about the English language while I'm here. I have gotten accustomed to writing in English, and would prefer to keep doing so. That does mean I need to improve my English.

Other than that I do enjoy reading. I read pretty much anything. Last book I read was a book by a Norwegian politician from 1985, but I'm also reading a book about match fixing in football (soccer for you Americans) and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, so that might give you an idea that I'm all over the place with my reading.

So yeah. Thanks for having me here, and look forward to exploring this site further.