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The right has a habit of taking terms coined by the left--trigger warning, political correctness, privilege, diversity, even the word "liberalism" itself, out of context and turning it into an insult. Then people on the left eventually start objecting to the use of the word too, because it becomes indistinguishable from the right's straw-man version of it.

Is the left just terrible at inventing catch phrases for complex concepts, or is the right all about discrediting and destroying anything that challenges their status quo?

Did lefties coin the term "politically correct"? I've only ever heard it said by socially conservative people in the whole Daily Mail-ish "PC gone mad!" kind of way. I thought the phrase had come about due to their objection to being called out for being bigoted.

So yeah, not just indistinguishable from the straw-man version of it... the concept gets completely swamped by the straw-man version.