While not quite poetry, I wrote a passage about my passage for the humanities and why I study it. Do you find it readable and understandable?

I am a human. A carbon unit of flesh, blood and bone. But what makes me human is none of the former, but rather my ability to think and perceive. And with this gift of thought, I study humanity itself.

My reasons for doing so are not always understood. I do not study the humanities to be the breadwinner of the house, and I do not expect the humanities to give me life on a silver platter. Rather, I study the humanities to better understand my place in an ever changing world. To expand my mind and experience the essence of the human spirit. Through the wisdom of words, the symbolism of paint, the beauty of the body, and the power of the voice. And as I have discovered the skeletons of our past, I realize that they give structure to the flesh of today.

By studying the humanities, I have not only gained profound knowledge of the human spirit, but also a new perspective of the world in which I live. And with these tools at my disposal, I shall find success. And may we all find it together.