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I have read The Name of The Wind. I think it's a good book but I don't think it's sublime. And the books sold more than Brandon Sanderson's books (who I think is on par with Patrick Rothfuss and can produce more books) What is it that make the book so popular?
I had wondered this myself when someone recommened it to me last year. As many of the others have said, it probably comes down to a matter of taste, but just by researching it I could tell that it and the books that follow are very much NOT to my tastes. So, I saved myself well over 1,000 pages of reading and haven't bothered with any of them.

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But I won't be reading the 3rd book, because the 2nd book was...yeah. Let's see...

100+ pages of a 16-yr-old virgin outsexing a 1000-yr-old sex goddess.
Denna/Allora/whatever name she gave herself currently and the whole flirting in VERSE with Kvothe.
Kvothe, who is apparently brilliant at: magic, sex, being hot, music, did I mention being hot, did I mention how every woman he sleeps with swears he is the BEST EVER, oh also he is a ninja now.
200+ pages of Kvothe wandering around the wilderness looking for bandits and learning yoga from a ninja.

I just...yeah. Here's my review on the 2nd book.
All of the above is a large part of the reason I didn't bother with any of them.