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Thread: Indigo River Publishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filigree View Post
    Don't do that! I am one voice with one set of experiences. I can aggregate what others have reported, but I'm just as fallible as I was in 2009.
    Let me rephrase: If you say to avoid a publisher, I take that very seriously. It does not always work the other way around--I know at least one case where I would have outright avoided someone you were at least "wait and see" about (though that was years ago and you may feel differently if a similar situation were to come up now).

    In this case, I don't disagree with you at all. The "About Us" page is geared too much toward convincing writers they're the right publisher for them, instead of convincing readers that they publish books they want to read. The fact that the tab is titled "Major Book Publishing, Book Publishing in Florida" also doesn't inspire confidence, for all that the site is very pretty (though I note a couple of layout issues that make for poor readability in those places).

    I'm with Night_Writer on this one.

    ETA: Oh goodness, their home page is listed as "Book Publishing, Book Publishing in Florida." Methinks someone was trying to snag clueless writers who might be Googling any string of keywords that might get them a publisher, no?
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