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    mrsmig And there it is...that pesky "net" terminology again. Any time I see "net" pop up in ANY publisher's discussion of royalties, it's great whacking flapper of a red flag.
    As well it should. Bean counters know how to mess with the numbers to show no profit at all. The Forest Gump film is infamous for not showing a profit, though it sold $660 million in tickets:

    Winston Groom, the novelist whose book was the basis for the film, has yet made only $350,000, part of an arrangement that also calls for him to earn 3 percent of the net profits, profits that Paramount says it doesn't yet have. -- May 1995, New York Times

    Authors are asked to stick with us for at least 2 years per book submission as we strive to get you book sales.

    "Strive?" For the 4 books I checked on Amazon (sales rankings in the
    multi-million level, one released last January had no reviews), "strive" is pretty optimistic. Whatever the costs associated with the books, it is doubtful the writers will ever so much as break even, much less show a profit.

    (I will add that if I had $350,000.00 in the bank from a movie deal I'd be over the moon.)
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