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Thread: Poetry in Action via The New York Times

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    Poetry in Action via The New York Times

    Six contemporary poets share the process behind their poems.

    Features images of the works-in-progress, and poems by Eduardo C. Corral, Billy Collins, Jenny Zhang, Marie Howe, Robert Pinsky, and Mary Jo Bang.

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    thank you for sharing this, lisa.

    Thorn Forest: A Gift for AW

    My poems on Twitter. Please proceed in an orderly fashion.

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    MacAllister's Official Minion & Greeter AW Moderator Ari Meermans's Avatar
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    Yes, thank you, Lisa. I'm fascinated by process and how different it is for each writer and poet.

    I do so love this from Eduardo C. Corral:

    Revision is my favorite part of writing. Revision helps me envision other possibilities for the language on the page. I know a poem is done when I can identify three distinct pleasures: linguistic, emotional and intellectual.
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    practical experience, FTW
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    So many protest poems too, finding their ways through draftafter draft. Fascinating to get a glimpse of that process.

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    reading all the things Anna Iguana's Avatar
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    I, too, enjoyed reading that article. Thanks, Lisa!

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    Great article. Thanks, Lisa!
    Sometimes I actually write stuff
    Like this...
    If a tree falls in Hesperides



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