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Thread: Seeking a beta or swap for a contemporary fantasy (fairy tale retelling)

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    Lost in the woods
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    Apr 2012

    Seeking a beta or swap for a contemporary fantasy (fairy tale retelling)

    It's a full novel at 77k words . It's not the first draft, and I'm looking for whatever assistance anyone wants to give. It's on Google Docs, but I can change to a Word Doc if anyone needs that.

    I'm willing to read almost anything (youth services librarian, editing/beta experience), but favorite genres are sci-fi/fantasy, nonfiction and anything youth/childrens.
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    Willing to Beta, just send a PM

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    figuring it all out bin_b0x's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    Hi, narmowen. I sent you a PM.

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    tiny hedgehog JetFueledCar's Avatar
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    What's the age range the MS is intended for, and what's the fairy tale (if you don't mind sharing)? I'm not looking to swap at this time, just to practice my editing skills since that's where I'm at with my own works. If you don't mind a newbie beta, of course. I do love fantasy and fairy tale retellings.
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    I second what Jet says above. This might be something I'd be interested in Beta-ing but it would be nice to know if it's YA or adult and which story it is. Fairy tales can really range in type and topic.
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