Doing okay so far. I can already tick game planning off. Definitely not going to be an issue >>

I finished a chapter and started on the next one. Hopefully will get that done this week.

I used to hand write everything. I missed it after I got my tablet-laptop. Having had to go back to handwriting some stuff while the tablet is at the doctor's, I don't anymore. I mean, I still like the writing part, but it's just so much more work having to type it all up and without the convenience.

Finished Pride and Prejudice. Finished The Diamond Throne. Onto The Ruby Knight.

Got to do cleaning and sorting stuff this weekend, but hopefully will get in a bunch of reading and writing as well.

1. Edit four chapters. 1/4
2. Write a decent amount of WIP.
3. Read five books. 2/5
4. Game planning. Yes.
5. Draft new or begin edits on a sitting short story.
6. Min 500 words or 2 pages edited per day. So far!