I'm looking for someone to beta my historical romance, about 75k words, set in 1673 New France. You can see the first chapter here to get an idea if you're interested (it has since been revised a bit but this gives you an idea of the style) : http://blog.millsandboon.co.uk/histo...e-a-musketeer/

I am definitely looking for general comments on whether the flow, pacing, and character development work, but I would be thrilled if you also have more detailed comments or corrections to offer.

I have a very thick skin and I prefer to get completely honest critiques--no sugar-coating.

If you're interested in swapping critiques, let me know a bit about your work and post a link to examples of your work (or past feedback you've given on syw would be great too!). Or we could exchange a few chapters first to see how it goes.