I stand poised upon the rim,
Others watching,
Seeing my nervous tension.
My emotions boiling become full to the brim.
I leap into the air a twitter with fear and apprehension.

Descending in a whirl,
Dipping and diving frantically I twirl.
I become a master dervish,
My livingness complete,

Landing upon the fall hardened ground
Without a sound.

Waiting patiently,
It begins to breathe
Within my veined structure
I perceive
A final life force awakening,
Being conceived.

I am swept up into a torrent
Of wind,
Of rain.
My thoughts mordant.
I like it,
I hate it,
I am discordant.

I flit and flutter upon wave after wave
Into the storm
I become enslaved.

When to my relief I begin
Slowly to descend,
Gathering among others
A meeting of sorts
We are compelled to attend,
Sisters and brothers we thusly impend.

We are millions
Lying in every nook and cranny
Hues of green-brown-red-orange-vermillion
Our breadth is uncanny.

The pouring rain keeps us glued to our places
We sop and drip and lie in a flump,
Stuck together smashed together clumped together all.
Oh direful fall,
Why hast thy bid me
Unto thy devilish call?

Lying in wait
We know not why
To fly our desirous sate
Yet produce nothing more than a tear to cry.

When to our hearts abounding joy
A sliver of golden liquid doth pour
Upon our saturated skin.
Life rekindled anew as we begin
Our dance upon the floors of Carnegie and Bolshoi
To the rhythmic beauty of Bach
The lyrical wonders of Tolstoy.
We, each of us,
Every leaf engulfed within bismuth
Wood’s divine shimmering alloy,
Infused with a dancer’s joy.

My curled ends entwine with another,
We are lifted upon high,
Our skins now warm and dry,
Our aplomb recovered,
Our dance continues,
Only now as lovers.