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    practical experience, FTW Nogetsune's Avatar
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    Apr 2012

    A long, unusual journey down a dark, winding road...has lead me back here...who would have thought?

    Some of you may remember me. Others may not. Quite frankly, I'd rather most of you who remember me chose not to remember me, because I did some pretty awful things back in the past. I've been down a long path...a dark, lonely path. One that I've walked in utter isolation and with 0 hope it would lead anywhere but despair. I walked a path to nowhere knowing it lead nowhere and being miserable about that, and instead of just taking a different road I tried to drag everybody down my same path. It was a really lousy way of dealing with my issues, and quite frankly, I won't hold it against anybody who treats me as poorly as I treated them back then. So to all those who remember me, I am sorry for how I acted. I was foolish, and I was dumb, and I was young. I'm sorry for putting you all through that, and while I'd like to be friendly with all of you, if you want nothing to do with me thats totally understandable and I'll honor that desire for distance. I just hope that even if you do hold my past against me, that you will at least treat me with the respect due a human. I am not asking you to forgive me, nor respect me as a person....just as a fellow member of the human race. If you decide to forgive me that would be great, but I'm not here looking for forgiveness or acceptance. I personally think I squandered the opportunity for that when I did what I did back then. No, I am here for a much more specific I honestly never thought I'd be back on this community after how I acted before.

    That being said, I was never banned from the site. My account was not deleted, and while I never thought I'd ever show my face on this site again after getting kicked from the IRC, a series of unusual and completely unlikely events have lead me back here. In simple terms...I have found an opportunity that will allow me to achieve my dreams, in a way I didn't at first ever consider. I recently found, of all things, a tabletop gaming company that hires writers almost exclusively, since their business model is based on making their game rules free and producing quality settings/worlds, and stories written about those worlds, as their means to profit. They are a company I followed from the early days, and I've talked/interacted with the founder of personally. They are small, but growing, and in a recent AMA with said founder an opportunity presented itself. While he said it was a long ways off, he wants to do an "anime-inspired" setting for his game someday, but said he has a lot of other work to do first and also needs the "right writer" for it, which at this moment he doesn't have on his team. He also takes and all setting pitches, but he gets a ton, and most get binned.

    So, in the most unlikely of places, I found a way to do what I want...write anime-inspired stories and craft anime-inspired worlds. The catch? I need to be better than I am, or at least I think I need to be better than I am, and hence why I am here. Nobody can give critiques as goods as you guys, so I'm hoping that if you cannot bring yourself to forgive me for my past, that you will at least be willing to help give me the advice I need to improve my writing as I post it for you all to analyze. I'm here for work, not for validation that my ideas have a market. I have found my market. I have found what I thought was something that didn't exists...a place that not only is open to anime-inspired stories, but actively wants somebody who excels at them on their team in the future. For once in my entire journey on this path, I believe that I can do this. I believe I can actually be a writer. Granted, it's in an industry I never considered, and likely one that will never be as "big" as actual traditional publishing....but it's a legitimate community with people who share a lot of my interests, so while writing in this industry will never give me any kind of massive fame, it will let me do what I want...write high powered, over the top anime inspired stories for an audience that appreciates them, and not have to muck around with doing my own marketing/social media work. I have everything in place to achieve my dreams, now I just need to build up my skill enough to impress the gatekeepers. Now, I need your help...

    So I hope you can forgive me just enough to critique my work when I post it. Again, I'm sorry for how I acted in the past, but this turn of events has made my mindset a lot more positive, and I feel I can do this if I have the help I need with my actual craft.

    So yeah, thats about it. The Fox is back. I hope that I can at least help you all grow a bit by providing you stuff to critique....and I likewise hope you can look past what I did a while back just enough to return me the same courtesy. I again apologize for everything I did, and I am not asking for your forgiveness. I just want to grow enough as a writer to chase this opportunity, and I feel you here are all the best people I know for that purpose.
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    practical experience, FTW Shoeless's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Welcome back. Looks like I missed whatever hoopla there was since I myself ducked out for a while, around the year you joined up, and also only recently returned. Good to see another person that draws on anime as influence, I do as well, but my well is more the science-fiction/mecha/cyberspace stuff.

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    figuring it all out Gidget1225's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Upstate New York
    I'm not someone who knows you, but I hope that I would be willing to forgive if I did.

    Although I don't read anime, I have read some fanfic written by an online friend, which I found to be very good and interesting.

    Welcome back!
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    a demon for tea EMaree's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Welcome back. I remember you, and I'm glad to see you again.

    I have found an opportunity that will allow me to achieve my dreams, in a way I didn't at first ever consider. I recently found, of all things, a tabletop gaming company that hires writers almost exclusively, since their business model is based on making their game rules free and producing quality settings/worlds, and stories written about those worlds, as their means to profit.

    Be careful, Nogetsune. Putting in a lot of time and effort in hopes of future profit is a risky path to go down. Be prepared not to see a return on your work, and make sure to take the time to work on your own projects instead of letting free work eat up all your time. Consider it like volunteering -- good experience, but not your primary job.

    It sounds like you have some healthy attitudes towards it (using it to improve and level up, to get experience) but don't focus on it too much as the only way to achieve your dreams. These sort of start-ups have a high failure rate, and there are many paths to a goal.

    With that in mind, have fun and do great work. You've got this!
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    RIP Prowl AW Moderator regdog's Avatar
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    Primus, let me be the person she saw me as
    Welcome back
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