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Thread: Hello from Washington State!

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jul 2017

    Hello from Washington State!

    Hey all! My name's Joe. I live in Washington, and I've been taking writing seriously for the past two years or so. I've written around 40 short stories in the realms of horror, crime and bizarro, and am currently working on my first novella. I recently got my first short story acceptance.

    When I'm not writing I'm probably reading, cooking, watching a horror movie or going to a punk show. My favorite writers are Joe Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, Violet Levoit and John Skipp. I've been looking for a good writer's group for some time--I'm excited to be here!

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    figuring it all out Gidget1225's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Upstate New York
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Quenell View Post
    I'm excited to be here!
    Excited to have you here, Joe, because it's not merely a case of "the more, the merrier;" it's a case of "the more, the better!"
    I look forward to seeing you around.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Bill G's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Hey Joe, Welcome and congrats on the short story acceptance! I love to hear when fellow writers get acknowledged, keep it up.

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    The Scavengers AW Moderator regdog's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
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    Benefactor Member E. Steve's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Welcome, Joe Glad you're here. Nice going on the forthcoming publication.

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    practical experience, FTW Cobalt Jade's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Fellow Washington resident here. Welcome!

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    Old Party Girls are more fun! sobellejanet's Avatar
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    Jun 2017
    Down the rabbit hole
    Hello, Joe. I am going to Washington this week. Walla Walla to be exact to check out our wheat farm in Waitsburg and to buy some wine at L'Ecole No. 41. My husband was born in WW and grew up in Bellevue. His son lives in Seattle. Very fine state, I must say.

    Congratulations on the publication of a short short! Very impressive accomplishment. You'll be much appreciated here, I am sure.
    You are today where your thoughts have brought you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    figuring it all out Hedwig's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    New York
    Welcome, Joe!

    And congratulations on your first short story publication! (I'm still waiting on that one myself.)

    So, you write bizarro fiction, huh? I am very interested in discovering what bizarro fiction is about!

    Have fun looking around!
    10,000 points to your Hogwarts house and a dozen warm chocolate chip cookies to whomever would kindly crit my short story, Grounded.

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    practical experience, FTW Freya Yuki's Avatar
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    Dec 2016
    Hello. Welcome to the forums Congrats on getting your short story accepted for publication.
    If you have time, please critique my story The Warrior's Secret (update on Oct 31, 2017) in the forums here. Thanks
    Twitter: @freya_yuki
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jun 2017
    Anchorage, AK
    Hi Joe! I grew up in Spokane, and have lived off and on in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. I'll actually be moving back there in about a year! Welcome!
    Karl Sander

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    Hardened drinker divine-intestine's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    The Big Smoke
    Hey there Joe, welcome to AW!

    Congrats on your first acceptance. It's a thrilling experience.
    “I am impelled not to squeak like a grateful and apologetic mouse, but to roar like a lion out of pride in my profession."

    12 shiny publication credits - one audio and two self. Working on my 13th.

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    Procrastinator Extraordinaire Lillian_Blaire's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    hanging by a thread
    Hi, Joe. Welcome to the forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaymz Connelly View Post
    I don't know that anyone could fill Lil's stilettos in her absence. She's very special and unique.
    Lil is just full of of sweetness and love, with a side of raunchy innuendo. That never hurt anyone! - Jaymz
    Tell that to the guy(s) manacled in her basement... - be frank



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