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Thread: [Pub svcs] Black Card Books

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    [Pub svcs] Black Card Books

    I attended part of their seminar last night and then cut out early. I was curious if anyone knows anything about them? I am not sure what they were trying to sell, but their model was to self publish the book and use the book as business collateral, like promotional material, and give the book away for free. The said that the traditional publishing model is broken, and they used Chicken Soup For The Soul being rejected as evidence of this.
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    It looks like they are for Seminar people. Go around doing seminars with the Book as Merch that can raise awareness of your brand if they read the book around friends or recommend it, which lets you do another Seminar with more attendees.
    It's the kind of thing you do want to self-publish for, since the only places that will sell your books are ones that host your seminar.

    Their about us section is giving flashbacks though:
    We are currently the world’s fastest growing book publishing company by title acquisition.
    It also provides more proof it's for the Seminarians.
    To serve our global base of authorpreneurs and speakers

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    See also, Publish A Book And Grow Rich:

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