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I actually think we agree, and it may be just how I read the comments (and the fact that I've thinking of how I deal with the sexuality of my own characters, which is definitely evolving).

I've also heard people express both desires: to have stories that are specific to queer experiences, and to have more generic stories that star queer characters. (And all variants in between, of course.) So I guess when I read people saying "Yeah...watch it" I start thinking things like "uh, nobody's ever told me to watch it when I write hetero characters" and I wonder what it is I'm suppose to watch.

So yeah, it's probably my own issues coloring my read, and my apologies for misreading anyone. (And FWIW, I'm 52.)

ETA: As I think about it, I can see how I might have interpreted the comments exactly the opposite of how they were intended.
Lol, I'm thinking maybe I'm the one who misread. I tend to assume people have good intentions and give them the benefit of the doubt far more than I should at times, so perhaps I'm being naive.