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Thread: On LGBT main character

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazlima View Post
    So when I see people saying, "careful not to fall into the 'message fiction' trap," I don't see people saying, "message fiction is bad," and I certainly don't see anyone saying "LBGT characters shouldn't be TOO LBGT." I see them saying, "we have the luxury of making them more than just "the gay one," so let's take advantage of that and make sure we're writing fully realized characters that are more than just their sexuality or the color of their skin.
    I actually think we agree, and it may be just how I read the comments (and the fact that I've thinking of how I deal with the sexuality of my own characters, which is definitely evolving).

    I've also heard people express both desires: to have stories that are specific to queer experiences, and to have more generic stories that star queer characters. (And all variants in between, of course.) So I guess when I read people saying " it" I start thinking things like "uh, nobody's ever told me to watch it when I write hetero characters" and I wonder what it is I'm suppose to watch.

    So yeah, it's probably my own issues coloring my read, and my apologies for misreading anyone. (And FWIW, I'm 52.)

    ETA: As I think about it, I can see how I might have interpreted the comments exactly the opposite of how they were intended.
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