Hi all. I'm planning to have my characters steal a large quantity of titanium for a mad scientist who is building a jet suit (think Ironman) with it. I've been researching how titanium is mined and extracted from its ore, and trying to get a sense for how it's stored, but I could really use some help. If someone could dumb all this down for me, I'd really appreciate it.

Here's the website I'm reading about extraction and storing.

Basically what I need to know for the story is, what form are the characters likely to find the titanium in? They are going to raid a warehouse or warehouses where it is stored. It looks to me like the usual way to store it is in the form of titanium chloride, but then I'm not sure I understand, because that's a liquid? But it's stored in dry tanks? I don't understand that, it sounds like a contradiction to me.

The goal is to acquire enough titanium to create alloys with, possibly, nickel or copper or aluminum, or some combination, I haven't really gotten that far in terms of figuring out a workable alloy. Then they will be producing enough suits for one or two squadrons. I haven't decided how many, but let's say something in the neighborhood of two to three dozen. How much titanium would they need, do you think? I don't need exact numbers by any means, just a gist. I don't have a good sense for this at all. Are we talking a thousand tons? A dozen pounds? I have no idea.

Thanks for any and all help.