I am again not certain but decided to ask here...if it's the right place.

Anyone hear of a new publisher:


I did a search on AWF for Brown Recluse but the only thing I found in a positive way was that a Brown Recluse is a big spider...not that I'm afraid of spiders, but there was a bit of a story and photos of a Black Widow....eeeewww

I usually catch spiders in a jar and let them loose outside...but that Black Widow....well, I'm not sure my reaction would be so brave but I think I'd be doing a lot of fast stepping hee hee

Okay, back to serious stuff (really nothing more serious than a Black Widow spider--eeek)

When you look on the above website see that they talk about a contest and the fee is $25...could this be their way of pulling in interested writers besides charging a fee....like a scam?

Thanks for your opinions, oh wise ones