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Thread: Fiction Editor Recommendations Please

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    I don't like "one size fits all" advice.

    My husband and I did our research. We decided that working with an editor was the right choice for us. "I got no help except my beta readers" didn't work for us. Why? We are both introverts with very small social circles. No contacts in the publishing world. Our beta readers are busy people and they are unrealiable when it comes to substantive writing advice. We both write well, but we didn't have the money or personality to attend endless workshops, writing courses, etc. We used our editing as a learning experience.

    And we learned a lot from the experience. When an agent asks me if we had help, I'll be honest. We did. They don't want to rep us... time to move on.

    You know what the most important thing I learned was? Most freelance editors are not good ones. I found two that are. It took me four months to find them. If you want the information PM me.
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