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Thread: Willing Beta Readers Volume III

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    • Availability: I tend to read about 2 beta reads a month. I have what I call a 'beta queue' and, if I can't read your novel immediately, you can be added to the end of the queue.

    • Preferences: I will only read full manuscripts - I am not willing to read chapters or WIP.

      I like: YA, MG and historical fiction.

      I am less keen on: Fantasy, sci-fi, manuscripts over 100k.

    • What I write:I write YA and MG (mostly contemporary), but also have two historical fiction novels.

    • Beta Style: I prefer to receive your full manuscript, read it, and then give you a dot-pointed summary of the things I found good and bad. I focus on 'big picture' items like plot, characters, and pacing. I do not do line-by-lines or editing. I will tell you whether I love it or hate it, or anything in between. Normally, if I parts of the novel I did not enjoy, I will suggest ways that this can be improved.

    • Experience: I have probably beta-ed 50 or more novels by now, so... A bit.

    • Timeline: It normally takes me a week or two to read a manuscript, depending on everything else in my life. However, it may take me more than a week or two to start reading your manuscript. You'll be advised at the time you make contact.

    • Contact: Email with a blurb concerning your manuscript, the word count, and what kind of feedback you are seeking.
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