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Thread: Willing Beta Readers Volume III

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    Night Owl GypsyLayla's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Availability: Someone snatched me up, currently doing a beta. Will post when I have availability.
    Preferences: I prefer romance (no BDSM please) or urban fantasy. Edited please. No sex that isn't consensual.
    What I write: Contemporary, romance, paranormal romance, or urban fantasy.
    Beta Style: I'm blunt and don't do grammar unless it starts to bother me at which time I will point out that it is bothering me, highlighting problems and leaving you a comment to check your MS for grammar. I do reader impressions, general observations, and areas to improve. Thick skin is best: I'm not a hand holder. I'm exclusively MS Word.
    Experience: I've beta read for writer friends before. But they know me, understand I'm a tough love type.
    Timeline: Depends on the project. Contact me via PM and we can discuss.
    Contact:PM is best, please.
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