OK. I'm probably going to jinx myself right now. Like how you tell everyone you're engaged, and once everyone in the whole world knows, the guy dumps you. Yeah, that kind of jinx!

But the truth is, how I'm doing right now is great! Well, as far as writing is concerned. I doubt I'll get my little holiday novella project finished and out there for December 1, but damn! I have a short prologue and two chapters that fell out of the sky, and I can just about see chapter three hurtling down! I've NEVER started at the beginning and worked my way through actual chapters before!

It's coming fast and furious, and so much easier than my "official" WIP. If I can finish this - and I mean, really finish it as a polished novella - it might open the doors that have been wedged shut in my cranky little brain. I'm finally enjoying writing again.