Merri, that's such a great feeling. Strap down the skates and keep rolling!

Marissa, sorry about the crud. Blech. I'm hoping to try a writer's retreat myself one of these days soon. I'm so easily distracted lately, I feel like I need external pressure, even if it's only, "I paid to be here so BIC!"

I'm feeling frantic, having too many balls in the air, but I can happily say my first solo work (a novella) is coming out on December 11 (under my pseudonym). The downside is the publicity demands are onerous to me. I haven't done a good job of creating an online presence for my pen name. At all. (If anyone wants to follow a...wait, Entangled gave me an author brand...writer of "intensely-erotic romance" I'll happily follow back on Twitter and/or Facebook.) And I'm uncomfortable doing a lot of what they suggest I do in the publicity plan. And I don't have a cover yet. O_O And I'm revising the second book in the series, and they picked up a short novel that I have to finish by March 1.

It's a lot in a compacted time. All good-stuff, but still squeezy-feeling. :-/