Hello, Campers and Non-Campers alike! Whether you're doing Camp NaNo this month or not, you're welcome to join in this thread to state your goals for the month (writing, reading and everything else), and both get and give encouragement to your fellow AWers throughout the month of July.

I'm holding over many of my goals from June, which wasn't a terribly productive month for me. Hoping July will be better!

1. Write back cover blurb and fill out other various publisher forms for Book #3 - about halfway done
2. Explore NYC with at least two more jaunts to places I've never been - 0 of 2
3. Read five books - 0 of 5
4. Get at least 10k words written on rough draft of Book #5 - currently 2,470
5. Continue social media push for the release of Book #1 in August - in progress

This feels like "not enough goals" but my brain is not cooperating this morning. I'll probably add more as the month goes on.

So...what are YOUR goals for the month?