I am a twittering amateur, or--what's below "amateur"? I relate to everything you just wrote, Roxxsmom. Most interactions I have on Twitter are when I'm replying to someone, not the other way round. When I realized that's probably how it works for 95% of people, it took some pressure off.

I visit three hashtags: #5amwritersclub, #turtlewriters, and #51writers. Nobody knew me at first, but I kept showing up, cheering people's successes and answering random tweets like "what are you writing this morning?" Over months, I got to know some faces, and they got to know me. Nobody can keep up with each others' feeds, few will expect you to, and people will be friendly when you have time to say hi.


Lol, a few followers showed up this evening (there's always bots, they come and go), so your anonymity is secure!