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Thread: Watch out for NEWBIE mistakes. They dock your post count.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias54 View Post
    I have been a member since April.

    I asked about some contests in a forum to see if they were still running. Lisa, the moderator, says that was wrong of me and docked me 15 posts.
    I am confused. What is this site all about? I thought it was about helping each other, whether we are new or published. I have been penalized for asking questions.
    Actually, Lisa is the site Admin and sent you this PM:

    Quote Originally Posted by AW Admin

    Please stop posting in four and five year old long dead threads about contests that are over.

    Particularly stop posting when you're asking why there are no recent responses to the thread.

    It looks very much like you're rushing to get to 50 posts in order to post in Share Your Work.

    Assuming that that is the case (and it might not be) there's a reason we require members to engage with the community, to read some crits, and to actually try critting themselves.

    It's because members who rush to get to 50 posts in order to post something of their own aren't ready for crit. They don't know what it means to be critted, what it's like or how to respond, and it results in distress.

    Please read the stickies in Share Your Work.

    Read why we require 50 posts.

    AW Admin
    And you've been haranguing me in PMs ever since. I'm tired of trying to explain to you that you're not the center of the universe.
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