Tsunami Hits Greenland; At Least 4 Feared Dead

Quote Originally Posted by CBC News
Four people are feared dead after tsunami waves struck the coast of Greenland on Saturday night.

A 4.1-magnitude earthquake, which struck 28 kilometres north of the northwest village of Nuugaatsiaq, is believed to have partially triggered the tsunami, according to a report from Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, the national broadcaster in Greenland.
It's suspected that earthquake may have caused an underwater landslide which in turn caused the tsunami.

The CBC article is short and to the point. The Nunatsiaq Online has a more detailed account and a video of the tsunami, if you want it.

Quote Originally Posted by Nunatsiaq Online
The toll of this past weekend’s tsunami in northwest Greenland might seem small when compared to the 2004 tsunami in Asia where more than 200,000 died but for people in Greenland, with its large landmass and relatively small population, the pain and response to this unexpected natural disaster and shared loss has been huge...

As they said and the video shows, it's not the largest tsunami, but anything that can wash 11 houses out to sea is nothing to be sneezed at.