It's true, every time I start to feel really bad I ask myself, "Yeah, how do you think he feels?"

I think I have to be willing to talk about anything he wants to talk about, and I am (though I hadn't realized till this thread that I'd been trying to prepare myself for that conversation in my head), but I guess I just want to be careful not to make him talk about (or just hear) anything he doesn't want to. It would be better if I could follow his lead--maybe I can, but it might be difficult.

Distractions and good memories, and laughs, we had a lot of those. We have a lot to talk about. Skype is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that.

Bob, I thought of sending him some classic games or fights, I might do that. I'd have to work it out with his wife.

No, I won't draw away from him, but I guess I understand the instinct. It hurts, and nobody thinks that's fun. Thanks, hugs are good!