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Thread: Talking to a dying friend

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    One of my mother's friends has Lou Gherig's. They are predicting she will die this year. She's already immobile. But to be honest, I thought she'd be catatonic, from the way my mom was describing it. But when I went to visit her, she looked like she was just down with the flu or something, just looked tired more than anything, although she couldn't speak. But she still had slight movement in her head and was able to type (that was her form of communication, since she could no longer speak).

    Just go spend time with your friend. I think he'll appreciate that you aren't scared off. And use this time to talk while y'all still can. Let the conversation go however it takes you. And he's going to need a lot of physical help too. Be there for him, even if he gets a caregiver. I think having a friend there to help out will help.

    ETA: How aggressive the progression of the disease varies on each person. My mom's friend had it a few years now. I only visit my mom during the holidays, so I saw the deterioration of her friend's health in starkness, and even then it didn't seem to be as fast as I imagined. At first she was just a tiny bit slower in movement. Then a lot slower (shuffled) and had to have her daughter be her human crutch and she could talk, but a bit slower. Then this last time I saw her, she was propped in a chaise and she could no longer speak. But like I said, it just looked like she was sick with the flu and just tired.
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