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Thread: Betas needed for 93k Adult Urban Fantasy

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    Betas needed for 93k Adult Urban Fantasy

    Hello! I'm looking for a few betas for my finished 93k UF set in an alternate Earth where werewolves and witches exposed themselves to the rest of humanity in the year 2001.

    I have a thread in SYW if you'd like to read the first chapter.

    My working title is Werewolves in Colorado. Here's a query:


    Jenny Chara lives in hiding with her brother in the Rockies of Colorado, working as an investigator for her long-time employer, a multinational arcane pharmaceutical company named Effect. She’s who they call when there’s a problem they want solved and kept out of the public record. As a werewolf, her nose and her strength pair well with years of on-the-job training and natural instincts.

    When unknown attackers assault a research facility with RPGs and military-grade rifles, leaving three fellow werewolves dead and damaging a major project, Jenny traces scents and gathers evidence to understand the attack. She uncovers that the attackers are hunters,but not just any hunters. They’re the very same ones who murdered Jenny’s pack when she was a bright-eyed teenager.

    Jenny’s brother would want to run if she told him, so she won’t.She wants blood. Finding them before they discover her will be the difficult part, for she’s not a little girl anymore. Jenny is an alpha. She’s been hunting hunters for the last eight years and gotten damn good at cleaving murderers into pieces.


    It's closer to Kate Daniels or Mercedes Thompson than The Hollows, but with multiple POVs and no dom/sub dichotomy. Mostly queer characters, one of the characters owns a cannabis dispensary, parts of it are rather violent, a few gay sex scenes but nothing too explicit.

    Big Picture, LBL, harsh crits, 'I stopped reading because of X', anything you're willing to give would be great. I can take it.

    Please PM me if you're interested. I might be willing to do a trade if you have something UF, SF, or F.

    Thank you!
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    I'd like to check out your first chapter - do you think you can send me the password? I can't enter the site without it. =/


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