Sorry if this is an easy question. I do most of my research while on the job (my job is 90% waiting, that's how I fill the time) so when I get home I can focus on writing. This makes it sometimes difficult to google even the most basic things.

Anyways, my last novel included characters that were law enforcement and a psychologist. The only thing I know about either is what I can learn on the internet and other media forms. But I still feel inadequate when I read/view something by someone who has the inside track (i.e. Like Grisham writing a legal thriller).

The novel I am working on now...a detective worked his way in. I originally just wanted two POVs, two civilians, to avoid this conflict I feel. On top of that, this new POV could be very important, and I don't want to "water it down" as I did in my last book.

Does anyone have specific resources they go to for crime or medical writing? Even more important, for character building?

How about for hacking and spy subjects?

If I ever get the chance for writing to be more than just a hobby, I would love to spend days researching all of it. But as someone who works overtime every week, any help would be appreciated.