Okay, I'm going to use an "X-Files" prefix for posts about topics that seem, well, "a bit out there", especially with respect to being fact versus wild speculation. "The truth is out there!" Or not.

Here's another one...

Astronomers are on the hunt for proof of the multiverse.

Quote Originally Posted by NBC News
It sounds wild. But the idea that we live in a multiverse — a cosmos where an infinite number of universes exist beside our own — is no longer confined to science fiction. It’s a respectable theory among scientists, so much so that some are on the hunt for proof of a nearby universe.

Now, scientists might be one step closer. A study recently submitted to “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society” actually places the multiverse theory on firmer ground. Ruari Mackenzie, a graduate student at England’s University of Durham, took a deeper look at a region in the sky that’s so frigid and so large that most scientists don’t think it can be a statistical fluke. Instead, some astronomers think this so-called “cold spot” is an optical illusion produced by a lack of intervening galaxies. But Mackenzie and his colleagues found that those galaxies are no less dense than anywhere else in the universe, disproving that theory.

Believe it or not, the next reasonable explanation (so long as you don’t buy into the theory that it’s just a statistical fluke) is that the cold spot might be a bruise left after an ancient collision with another universe. There’s no proof — at least not yet. But a forthcoming map of the cold spot might let scientists nail down whether it is truly a footprint of another universe — a result that would turn our understanding of the universe on its head.