Hey youse. I'm just a little bit new here. And I just want you all to know,

I have a rainbow in my heart
And a sandwich in my soul.

I have a little bit of a song for youse. It goes a little bit of a something like this.

The Rainbow Song:

Today I fell upon my knees and summoned all my energies
And found that cosmic rainbow in the sky.

So now I clap my hands and pray that rainbow will take me away
To anywhere that I would care to fly.

(Song over)

Yesir, that one's a bit of a doozy.

I must admit, I find myself to be something of a summer soldier. Because when I'm in college, I do schoolwork. That's just a little concern I have about joining these here forums. But since I will have a short commute next semester, I feel that I can probably be more active than I might have been otherwise. And I'm not complaining, either. I know that people have day jobs and activity slows down and whatnot. I'm getting a bit rambly, so I'ma cut it off here.

Stay wonderful.