I've been writing for quite a while. I started with screenplays, but decided that I'd rather write something that is a complete work in itself. It took me a long time to really get going on writing novels, but I finally finished my first, and I'm moving on to my next project.

So far, all of my potential projects are SFF, with most being YA (I have one MG project that's trying to get my attention, and Adult project that's sort of a companion piece to one of the YA projects). That's one of my big weaknesses: having all of these projects that I want to work on. I have to fight the tendency to waste time trying to decide which one to work on, rather than working on any of them.

I recently realized that I don't need to go this alone, so I've decided to look into online writing communities to see where I might fit in. This one seems to have a lot of potential.

I hope I can make some valuable contributions.

good words,