Hello! I'm obviously new and in all honesty not a big fan of introductions. Don't take offense, I'm just really bad at them. Lol. Anywho, I used to write a heck ton back in high school and college (of course, 20 pg papers) but ever since I've left I stopped. I really wanna get back into it, I feel like it can really help me with my depression (situational, not clinical) but since it's been YEARS what skill I had is all rusted over! Blegh. So if some of you guys wouldn't mind helping, I would love some advice and feedback to help break off this rust and get my skills back up to par! I'm 27 and I still write like I'm in high school, I know there's nothing wrong with that but after years of analyzing Austen and Lovecraft.... So yeah, I want to level up my writing skill tree and maybe publish a book, if not cool, so long as I can write again.

Oh yeah, I am a part-time gamer (in other words I game when I'm not exhausted from work) and a full time Transformers and My Little Pony fan. So heads up for random references that you may or may not get. I apologize in advance.