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Thread: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

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    pinkbowvintage's Avatar
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    Jun 2015

    Wise Ink Creative Publishing

    They're quite new.

    I'm not trying to sign with them or anything, just intrigued and curious about what they are, exactly. A hybrid publisher of sorts? They seem to get some kind of local press for their authors. Someone in another forum suggested that they're a vanity publisher, but to me they look more like a service for self-pubbed authors.
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    from words to worlds zmethos's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Looks like they help indie authors target the market, launch, and publicize? Yet the couple of the titles I looked up on Amazon *do* list Wise Ink as their publisher, so I don't know. I recognize a couple of names on the team as legitimate, but I have to wonder. Do they accept all submissions or is there a selection process? (They encourage authors to "tell us about your book" so you can do a brainstorming session of some kind--is it a pitch then?) When they talk about "affordable" printing, though, it sounds like the author is paying. So . . .

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin PostScript's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    They mention Ebooks, Off-set and PODs. Then talk about which would be right for them.
    Ebooks and Off-set, obviously. Don't chain bookstores ban PODs from being stocked, or has that changed recently?

    Their whole site seems dedicated to the Author as well, which isn't a good sign.
    I googled one of their listed 'New Releases' as well (Harry Potter and the Art of Spying) it's on Amazon from 2014. Maybe they mean a reprint?

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    Old Hand in the Biz Barbara R.'s Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    New York
    I had a quick look. They look like a company that sells writing and publishing services. Vanity publishing, basically. They'll take money for helping you write (including finding ghost writers), designing, printing, marketing...basically whatever you're willing to pay for.

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    figuring it all out C Alberts's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    Red flags galore on this one. I received an email at my bookstore announcing a new release from Wise Ink. Being unfamiliar with the publisher, I looked the book up. It came out in 2016. The email indicates that the book is available through Ingram; the listing on Ingram says "Not Available from Ingram". The email came from an address related to the author's own website, although it reads as though it was written and signed by a member of the publisher's staff. The email explains that they would be happy to send me a complimentary copy to review and to email the author if we want one. I'm guessing that this would be done at the author's expense.

    I'm resisting the urge to reply to the author to let her know that her book isn't even available through Ingram and that her 'publisher' is likely misleading her. I've learned the hard way that it would probably not be well-received so instead I am venting about it here.

    It just makes me so angry to see authors taken advantage of like this. Perhaps I'm missing something and the publisher is somehow selling tons of her books and this is just an error/oversight/glitch, but the Amazon rank, lack of availability, and the publisher's author-focused website indicate otherwise. Aaargh.


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