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Thread: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

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    Wise Ink Creative Publishing

    They're quite new.

    I'm not trying to sign with them or anything, just intrigued and curious about what they are, exactly. A hybrid publisher of sorts? They seem to get some kind of local press for their authors. Someone in another forum suggested that they're a vanity publisher, but to me they look more like a service for self-pubbed authors.
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    Looks like they help indie authors target the market, launch, and publicize? Yet the couple of the titles I looked up on Amazon *do* list Wise Ink as their publisher, so I don't know. I recognize a couple of names on the team as legitimate, but I have to wonder. Do they accept all submissions or is there a selection process? (They encourage authors to "tell us about your book" so you can do a brainstorming session of some kind--is it a pitch then?) When they talk about "affordable" printing, though, it sounds like the author is paying. So . . .


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