The Concert: Twenty-two

Traveling down the open road,
I blast “First Date” by Blink-182.
I pump on the brakes and my car slowed
As I crept towards the venue.

I park on the brown grass,
Littered with beer and a still-lit cigarette.
Moving towards the large mass,
In the summer heat, I work up a sweat.

I stand in line,
That’s seems more than an hour.
“Sam,” says a hushed whisper, so genuine,
Yet so dour.

I swirl around
To heave my call.
Yet no one is to be found,
No one at all.

I proceed through the gate
And merge with the herd.
In unison, we have an identical gait
And from the God’s of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, this spot is conferred.

This is it!
The perfect view!
The stage is lit
And I am refreshed by a cold, refreshing brew.

Instead of going down my throat,
It’s on top of my head.
I turn for I know that voice by rote.
My eyes widen. It’s her, the redhead!

She’s in much distress,
Trying to find a towel.
“Thanks for cooling me down.” Honestly, I couldn’t care less.
Her head jerks up to my avowal.

“Sam!” she screams,
Her scowl turning to a grin.
The heat rises in my bloodstream.
My mouth stutters, I don’t know where to begin.

We sit on the spot
For we, both, are alone.
We talk about life and what not
Because it’s been four long years and we’ve grown.

She’s going to school
To become a nurse.
I’m scared to speak, scared of ridicule.
Ugh, I’m never going to break this curse!

I tell her that I’m just saving money
And she loves it!
You in my life. How could I be so lucky?
The music begins and it’s time to kick it.

As the night grows longer,
We slowly move nearer.
Our relationship has grown stronger
And we mimic our dancing like a reflection in a mirror.

As we press together,
The beat and our hearts become one.
Now it’s clear,
I don’t want the morning sun!

The heat of her rapid breathing
Drives me wild.
The exhilaration is so pleasing,
I’ve dreamt of this moment since I was a child.

Her lips,
Warm and soft.
My hands find her hips
And like a rocket, I loft.

The seconds,
Seem so slow.
These are the moments,
I’ll never let go.

I back away
With lust in my eye.
And like a bad cliche,
Fireworks painted the blank sky.

She grabs my hand
And marches up the hill.
Leaving the presence of the band,
We end up at the Mound’s Grille.

Taking my hand, she clicks a pen
And there’s her number! Right there! In my right-hand!
I know this’ll never happen again.
I am no longer on Earth, but in a Fairyland.

Sally gives me a final kiss,
a farewell.
Her warmth is something I’ll miss,
And out of nowhere, I yell.

“Tomorrow night?!”
And with a playful laugh, she screams, “yes!”
As I lose her in my sight, and in spite
Of everything in the past, I guarantee you, we’ll coalesce.

First Date: Twenty-Two

I call you
To make plans.
And you come through!
Sweat pours from my glands.

You said tonight
At eight.
I say, “yes,” with great fright.
This is it! My first date!

You give me your address
And I give you my word, not to be late.
I hang up the phone with ascending stress.
This is great! It must be fate.

After I tell my dad,
He is so proud.
He says, “this’ll be smoother than a lilly pad,
And remember, be unbowed.”

I am agog
And pass the day trying to prepare,
Even if it’s for a hotdog.
I pull up and I’m lost in a flabbergasted stare.

An enormous white house,
Complete from a cobblestone driveway to a white picket fence.
You stand, waiting, in the window, wearing a silk blouse,
Encircled with an exquisite incense.

Your father stands next to you
Waiting on you to introduce me.
I stand straight, hoping in a momentous debut
For this soon-to-be- relationship, he’s granted to oversee.

I hand you flowers
And see you smile.
Even with no car and rain showers,
To you, I’d walk every mile.

You grab my sleeve
And lead me to “my” car.
And one warning, her father will heave,
To bring her back before the evening star.

We arrive at the spot
To satisfy our appetites.
New to me, I enter the melting pot,
In hopes of the best of nights.

We sit at a checkered tabletop
And you’re across from me.
Walking past, flirty, young women, each in a crop top,
But my eyes are locked onto thee.

An older couple is seated across the floor.
To her,
He adores.
She, after all these years, blushes, something I thought would never occur.

And as clear as day,
It’s something with him,
Something he has to say,
Something so meaningful, so brim.

As if I were inside his head,
He says he’s proud and how much he loves her.
From this mind, I must’ve read,
But they come with such feeling, that my emotions stir.

The way he said it,
It wasn’t just to her.
In my heart, is where it hit;
I remember it being said before; something to recur.

We take the final sip
Of our soda pop,
And from the diner, we slip,
But you suggest another stop.

“Since we are close,” you must add,
“Pull over, there’s something you must see.”
I stutter, “--But I must return you to your dad.”
“Well, darling, I disagree.”

You direct me to a motel,
to take up a room.
I can’t tell if you’re trying to impel,
But I’ve dreamt of this since the schoolroom.

You toss me onto the mattress
And bend over to pull off your stocking.
Our souls touch, with bliss,
Our eyes, locking.

You pounce onto my lap
And whisper, trying to get me to relax.
I’m in love; I am no sap.
Then you slide off my slacks.

My heart thumps hastily
As you turn down the lights.
You kiss me disdainfully.
And I’m right; this is the best of nights.

For those who are reading this, I say thank-you from the bottom of my heart and for those who just happen to stumble upon this, thank-you for reading this. Altogether, we are making my dream a reality. I will be posting more on this series very soon, I just have to finish writing it. Thank-you again and God bless.