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Thread: Are there any first-person present tense SF novels?

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    Question Are there any first-person present tense SF novels?

    I wrote a SF adventure novel in third-person past tense (the only form I've read sci-fi novels, to be frank), but when I was rewriting, I tried doing it in first-person present tense (because, while harder, people say I'm good at that). Then I let some beta readers (who read 3rd person form) read the 1st person version. Everyone said they thought it was leagues better, but one person said it'll never fly because the majority of sci-fi readers won't enjoy the 1st person present tense aspect.

    Then I went to the Baen forum boards and posted the first chapter in 1st person. Sure enough, I got someone complaining that 1st person is too limiting and not good for sci-fi, and that I should change it to 3rd person if I want to get it published (though they didn't have a problem with the story itself, just the style it was told).

    My question is two-fold: are there any major sci-fi novels that are 1st person present tense? And does anyone have experience writing/publishing 1st person present tense sci-fi stuff?

    I don't want to rewrite this whole novel only to get it turned down by every major publisher because they didn't think the narration fit the genre. :/
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