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Thread: A Poetic Novella: Poem 6 + 7 [EDITED]

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    A Poetic Novella: Poem 6 + 7 [EDITED]

    Graduation: Eighteen
    Part One

    With a spring in my step,
    I hop onto the bus.
    With no friends, I have no need to discuss,
    Only longing to be at my doorstep.

    I’m faced with my dad,
    Upon opening the door to my one story shack.
    I toss my backpack
    And discuss the day we’ve had.

    Once we’re acquainted,
    I rush to the shower
    And remember the origin of being a wallflower.
    The same movie plays in my mind; so beautiful, untainted.

    Being close to you, I didn’t feel like a misfit,
    Even though you were unaware of my existence.
    Those times, I savor it
    And remember to always have persistence.

    You grew attached to me
    During our time in P.E.
    Your friends were disgusted by me
    And that blinded you to see the real me.

    With your heart being broken, you bawl.
    Boyfriend after boyfriend,
    I’m here to catch you when you fall;
    Praying that one day, you’ll see me more than a friend.

    When we entered high school,
    Our days were close to none.
    Back when you placed your hand over mine (traced), it made me drool,
    Now that you’re fading away, the memories cannot be undone.

    My dad asks, “Are you almost done? We have but one hour,”
    And in doing so, revives me.
    I reply and scrub to a high degree.
    Now with the movie gone, I stand cold and lacking willpower.

    I step out in a black gown
    And a goofy hat.
    “Oh Sam, you’ve grown up so fast. Just look at that!”
    He stands with a tear and a quivering frown

    Before he rushes off like a dog chasing a scent,
    We hug.
    I dash over to the worn rug,
    Face her urn, and speak of lament.

    We then voyage downtown.
    At this moment, I feel meaningful, unbeatable,
    indestructible, and untouchable.
    Then I begin into the sea of students, where I’ll drown.

    Graduation: Eighteen
    Part Two

    As I stand in my row,
    Time ticks downward.
    My smile turns southward
    And with this thought, I froze.

    Where has she gone?
    She’s not here.
    This feeling is one not to endear
    When they tell us to walk on.

    In front of a chestnut door,
    We stand in a dimly lit hallway.
    Waiting, put on delay,
    And then my jaw hits the floor.

    Covering a baby blue dress,
    Sally zips up her gown.
    This high, I never want to comedown,
    Yet it’s impossible to name this emotion I express.

    The crowd hollers
    As they open the doors.
    I take my seat next to yours
    And for once, we come together as scholars.

    The next one hundred and twenty minutes
    Are the greatest I’ll ever live.
    I have so much to give.
    Next to you, the sky holds no limits.

    As the ceremony comes to an end,
    We rise from the stands.
    Knowing what’s to come, I shake with trembling hands.
    If this does not go to plan, I hope I can still call you my friend.

    We head towards the tunnel.
    Like a ghost, a spectre.
    I don’t see you; you disappear, gone forever.
    This feeling is subtle.

    With a faux grin,
    I encounter my dad
    “You did it, my grad!”
    I should have happiness, but feel empty from within.

    “We’ll stop for a milkshake
    For your graduation celebration.”
    On the way, in midst of frustration,
    I send a message, that’ll make my heart ache.

    With nothing but hesitation, I wait.
    I text her how much she has meant to me;
    Unfortunately, I’m aware that no answer is a guarantee,
    But I feel free. It is gone, all the weight.

    Boy, they are a knockout,
    Our strawberry shakes.
    I guzzle mine down; no breaks
    And with it being so late, I pass out.

    Approaching the house,
    I wake.
    With a grouse,
    I rub my head, as it begins to ache.

    Noticing I have one unread signal,
    I snatch my phone
    And let out an inaudible giggle.
    For once, I don’t feel completely alone.

    Hugging my dad,
    I say goodnight.
    Instantaneously, the movie, in my head, begins to play, and I’m glad,
    Making me high as an eagle in flight.

    She says “That’s literally the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”
    I blush.
    I know I’m not much, only a bourgeoisie.
    Then she’s gone, an unscheduled hush.

    I sit back in my bed.
    Can you believe her?
    So much swimming around in my head
    No longer can I defer.

    That as it,
    The final straw.
    I should’ve quit
    Being driven is my tragic flaw.

    For the next poems, click this link --->
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