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Thread: Wonder Woman

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    Fiunally got to watch it. (Damn you, International licensing! Longest two weeks ever with all the avoiding of the internets and stuff...) I fully agree with most people here - the first 2/3rds weren't perfect but perfectly enjoyable for the charm, the humor and the sincerity.

    The villains had the big issue of not being connected, personally, to any of the protagonists. Yes evil about to destroy millions, but that's the very definition of not personal.

    The ending, though. It feels rushed, slapped on, and instead of further character development or an actual on-screen connection between Diana and Ares we just get lots of exposition lined into the bombast. Didn't work for me at all. And it would have been so easy to fix that I wonder if this wasn't the original ending:

    After defeating Ludendorff and learning that this didn't end the war, she comes around to helping Steve put an end to the gas plot, accepting that while Ares may be behind this, he wasn't an actor in the war but more of a driving force behind it. And that people sometimes just suck. The war, then, is ended by the peace talks that now actually have a shot. We end on Sir Patrick/Ares, smiling and already plotting World War II (which, as we've all learned in history class, wass partly a result of World War I's fallout).

    Seriously, all the elements needed for a good ending were already in place. My guess is that Zack Snyder said that's not enough of a splash and she neded to defeat Ares, too.
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