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Thread: Wonder Woman

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    Wonder Woman

    SO GOOD!!! I mean not without it's flaws but I can't think of a single superhero movie that's been perfect. It was so so good guys! I loved how charming it was. Diana was so sincere and so sweet and it's so lovely to have a non-cynical superhero (felt much the same way about Captain America). She also seriously kicks butt. The first scene where we see all the Amazons training together I actually started to tear up, it was so awesome to see all these powerful women looking so fierce and cool and ACK! I loved it.

    The acting was altogether lovely, adored Gal, Chris and Lucy especially. Acts 1 and 2 were very strong, the third went into over the top CGI-ness, but honestly even then I appreciated it was at least grounded with humanity. Not total "I'm just watching a screen saver".

    Also something that I noted on Facebook about Steve and Diana's relationship:

    Watching how Steve admires and respects Diana, isn't threatened at all by her, but happy to work alongside her and many times happy for her to take the lead just shows me even more how silly a concept the notion of "emasculation" truly is. Because there is nothing weak or small about Steve. He comes across all the MORE strong for his support of her, for knowing there are times when she needs to take over. He comes across all the more confident and, quite honestly, attractive for it.

    Now I understand that the concept of emasculation is one that is part of the whole toxic masculinity thing and so is a societal construct that many men have had to deal with even if they would rather not so I don't blame them for facing that struggle, but I do think this film shows why men (and even some women too) need to fight the notion hard. The more a man has no fear that somehow his masculinity is threatened by a woman, the more relaxed and I think at ease in his own life he can be. Further such ease is also really sexy to women, so it's truly a win win. I think.

    Anyway yeah. Anyone else see it yet???

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