I don't know if anybody has seen the Oliver Stone film 'Salvador' with James Woods. It's a story about journalist Richard Boyle's experience during the El Salvadorian civil war. There is a part of the movie when he and his friend Dr. Rock have the following conversation:

Dr. Rock: With all that journalism bullshit you talk about, I haven't even seen one article you've written.

Boyle: I wrote a book, Flower of the Dragon!

Dr. Rock: Flower of the Dragon? That was ten years ago, Boyle!

Anyways, I was so intrigued by Boyle's character that I decided to pick up that book. I read it in a week and I loved it. It's about Vietnam and includes pictures taken by Boyle. It focuses on the conflict between draftees and so-called 'lifers'. It also talked about a little known buddhist and taoist pacifist rebellion. It was very powerful stuff.

Unfortunately, I believe this book is out of print. But you can still probably find it on Amazon and Ebay.