For my current WIP (it's fantasy), I would like to write romance as a sub-plot so not as the main focus. The thing is, I have three point of view characters. I am still trying to figure out more details about my characters and who they are, am in the outlining stage, but I am also thinking ahead of where the romance would go. I am not going to write three typically straight characters (I'm not straight myself). So, what about romance sub-plots for my main characters? I don't think two of my main characters will be each other others' love interests because if the third character also has a love interest, then why is their love interest not a POV character?

I was thinking of...
1. Have one of my POV characters be aromantic or asexual (or both), the character has no need for romance and feels very little for it or none at all (depending on where on the spectrum they are) and it stays that way because it's okay. I think it is also refreshing to have a main character being happy without a love interested, regardless of them being acearo or not. And my other two main characters can include one boy/girl romance and either one girl/girl or boy/boy romance. But I am indecisive about this, becaause I would like to write both a boy/boy and girl/girl romance. I say include one boy/girl romance because I don't think my WIP would specifically be as a QUILTBAG book? Not that I would not like to write it though.


2. Have all three of my main characters have a love interest and have a equal game of having a boygirl, girl/girl and boy/boy romance. But would it be too much focus on romance then, can it still work as a sub-plot? Or would it seem like "trying too hard"?