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Thread: The Works of Ottessa Moshfegh, touted by the The New York Times ..

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    Wink The Works of Ottessa Moshfegh, touted by the The New York Times ..

    Ottessa Moshfegh, touted by the The New York Times and other big-name publications as the next big thing in American literature, has an MFA from Brown. She has published a half-dozen short stories in the Paris Review which have now been released in book form and has had two other short stories published in the New Yorker, The Beach Boy and An Honest Woman. Her first novel McGlue (2014) was very well received and her second, Eileen (2016) created a big sensation; it sent the entire American literary establishment into full genuflecting mode. At present count it has 2,019 reviews, mostly positive, on goodreads.

    Reviewers have called her writing fiction-noir, creepily funny, or fascinating because of her talent for making repugnant characters interesting. But everyone agrees she writes extraordinarily well.

    What do you think? Is she a flash in the pan? Or the writer who is going to set the tone in American literature for the next decade?

    P.S.: If you haven't read anything by Moshfegh yet, try her New Yorker short story The Beach Boy, Here is a link:
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